Обучение автономной навигации роботов и эффективной сборки данных: совместное обучение человека и агента и автономная навигация на основе обратной связи.

 Autonomous Robot Navigation and Efficient Data Collection: Human-Agent Joint Learning and Reinforcement-Based Autonomous Navigation


Human-Agent Joint Learning for Robot Manipulation Skill Acquisition

Key Concepts and System Design

The paper introduces a system that integrates human operators and robots in a joint learning process to enhance robot manipulation skill acquisition. This reduces human effort and attention during data collection while maintaining data quality.

Experimental Results

Experiments in simulated and real-world environments demonstrate that the system significantly enhances data collection efficiency, reduces human adaptation time, and maintains data quality for robot manipulation tasks.

Reinforcement Learning-Based Autonomous Robot Navigation

Key Concepts and Methodologies

The paper focuses on using reinforcement learning techniques, such as Deep Q Networks (DQN) and Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO), to achieve autonomous navigation for robots in dynamic environments.

Experimental Setup and Results

Experiments involved navigating a 10×10 grid world environment and comparing the performance of DQN and PPO. Both methods effectively improved navigation efficiency and safety, with PPO showing a slight edge in stability and adaptability.


Integrating advanced learning techniques in robotic systems enhances efficiency and adaptability. The human-agent joint learning system reduces human workload while maintaining data quality, crucial for robot manipulation tasks. Reinforcement learning-based autonomous navigation improves path planning and decision-making processes in dynamic environments.

These advancements contribute to developing more efficient and robust robotic systems, leading to increased automation, reduced operational costs, and enhanced productivity.

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