RakutenAI-7B: Набор японскоориентированных больших языковых моделей, обладающих отличной производительностью на японской языковой модели.

 RakutenAI-7B: A Suite of Japanese-Oriented Large Language Models that Achieve the Great Performance on the Japanese Language Model

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is crucial for various applications, like translation services and virtual assistants. It helps in understanding and generating human-like responses, and as technology advances, NLP models become more sophisticated.

One challenge is developing models for languages other than English, like Japanese, due to limited resources. Efforts are being made to bridge this gap, such as Rakuten Group’s RakutenAI-7B, a suite of Japanese-oriented Large Language Models (LLMs).

RakutenAI-7B includes foundation models and chat-tuned models, designed to better accommodate the Japanese language. It extends the vocabulary of its tokenizer to 48,000 tokens, significantly improving the processing of Japanese text and outperforming other Japanese-oriented large language models in benchmark evaluations.

This model represents a significant stride towards creating more inclusive and efficient language models. Its tokenizer is more suitable for processing Japanese text, potentially leading to faster and cheaper training and inference. The model’s impressive quantitative results make it a valuable resource for researchers, developers, and industry practitioners.

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